Principality of Valldemosa


Fons Honorum

“Omnis Nobilitas fluit a Rege, tamquam a fonte et ipse suo privilegio potest facere nobilem quemlibet”. “Quod Principi placuit legis habet vigorem”. “All Nobility springs from the Sovereign Prince, as a source, and he alone has the prerogative to ennoble whom he likes.” “What pleases the Prince has the force of law“.
A particular prerogative of the Prince, who is “fons honorum” (source of honors), consists in the “jus honorum”, that is the right, inherent to his sovereign function, to award, grant awards, noble and chivalric dignities, and that is expressed in the faculty “to create nobles and to arm knights” in the Dynastic and Chivalric Orders of his Family. This right is transmitted to his descendants “jure sanguinis” (by right of blood) to infinity.
His Serene Highness Don Francesco Damiano Pugliese, born in Margherita di Savoia (Apulia, Italy), is Prince of Valldemosa (cf. The Golden Book of the Aragonese Nobility - Royal House of Aragon of Majorca and Sicily - Reg. No. F/565 Vol. I).
The coat of arms is so emblazoned: “Golden with red cross hemmed of blue, and counter-hemmed of green, topped by princely helmet, crowned with princely crown.” The motto on the golden split list: “In Deo Fides”.
His Serene Highness Prince Don Francesco Damiano Pugliese, Sovereign and Head of Name and Arms of the Princely House of Valldemosa-Pugliese Dynasty, is: Sovereign Hereditary Prince Grand Master of the Order of the Crown of the Principality of Valldemosa, Marquis of Saint Ladislaus, Earl of Caldes, Baron of Castrì, Lord of Sealand, Hereditary Knight of Justice of the Norman Noble Order of Military Track, Commander of the Order of the Crown of the Royal Norman House of Hauteville of Sicily and Naples, Knight Grand Cross of Justice and Professed Knight of Justice of the Military Order of the Collar of Saint Agatha of Paternò Royal House of Aragon, Knight Grand Cross of Grace of the Sacred Dynastic Monastic Templars Sovereign Military Order of Our Lady of Nazareth, Knight Grand Cross Order of the Knights of His Holiness the Pope St. Ignatius of Loyola, Ambassador at Large of Grace and Knight Grand Cross of Grace of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem O.S.J. Malta, Knight Grand Officer of Justice and Adviser on Socio Humanitarian Initiatives of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Cross, Knight and Paladin of Faith of the Sovereign Templar Order of St. Augustin, Top Lieutenant of the Noble Patriarchal Guard Juridical Personality of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Magnificent Chancellor of the International University of the Principality of Valldemosa.


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