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Balearic Islands

The first traces of human presence on the Balearic Islands, probably of eastern origin, date to around 3,500-3,000 B.C. The period of the so-called pre-Talayotic culture was followed by the Talayotic age (talayòts, prehistoric megalithic tower-shaped constructions), characterized by the arrival of new settlers (1,500-123 B.C.), and culminating with the Roman conquest (123 B.C.), which was preceded by the Greek and Phoenician one.
The Talayotic age was one of extreme rigor for the Balearic Islands (Majorca and Minorca), and only marginally affected the Pitiusa Islands (Ibiza and Formentera).
In 455 the Vandals occupied the Balearic Islands which, shortly after 534, were conquered by the troops of Justinian, and annexed to the Byzantium Empire.
The economic and demographic crisis of the Balearic Islands between the 7th and the 9th centuries, increasingly exposed them to ever greater foreign assaults until their occupation by the Emirate of Cordoba.
The Islamic period of the Balearic Islands (X-XIII centuries) meant their incorporation into a civilization process completely different from both a religious and cultural degree.





Balearic Islands
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