Principality of Valldemosa



The Principality of Valldemosa, as a sovereign and indipendent microstate, is recognized by Principalities, Orders of Chivalry, Nations and Community of Nations, such as UMMOA-United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago, and by the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, an intergovernmental organization of States, with parliamentary and diplomatic delegations in many Nations.
The organization of the microstate is based on the Constitution, wich indicates that the Principality of Valldemosa is a hereditary and constitutional monarchy. The succession of the Prince Regent is by direct and legitimate descendence, with precedence for male sons.
Sometimes the Prince, in performing his functions, shall convene the Supreme Council of the Crown, consisting of 3 members (1 member appointed by the President and the Prince, and the remainder by the National Council), and the Supreme State Council (5 members). The two Supreme Councils have an advisory capacity.
The official flag of the Principality of Valldemosa is shaped like a yellow rectangle. In the middle there is a red cross, hemmed of blue and counter-hemmed of green, wich extends up to the edges of the flag.
The Principality of Valldemosa aims to develop the international relations, cultural and socio humanitarian activities.

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